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Megan Racing EZ I/II | EU I/II Series

Megan Racing EZ I/II | EU I/II Series

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Megan Racing EZ Series coilover dampers are the perfect upgrade to street cars. Offering 15 levels of damper force adjustment, Megan Racing’s coilovers have separate adjustments for both spring perch height, and shock length allowing you to fine tune your suspension to your liking. They also include Caster plates and pillowball mounts for all their coilover systems. Spring rates are conservative and prices are too, this is a great way to go low without breaking the bank or your back.

The EU Series coilover system has been developed prioritizing ride comfort for those who are seeking to increase the vehicle's exterior aesthetics while still retaining a nice ride. By retaining the factory oem top mounts, road noise is further insulated and kept away from the interior cabin. However with a slight increase of spring rates over stock and sport tuned shock valving, our kit is still more than capable enough for spirited driving or dare we even say track use... Megan Racing EU Series Suspension Systems are fully adjustable coilover systems which do not break the bank. With it's full length adjustable design, the vehicle's ride height can be adjusted without affecting the shock stroke ensuring a retained ride quality at nearly any height. Monotube internal shock construction separates the oil and hi pressured Nitrogen gas chamber preventing aeration. This allows for immediate shock response and damping consistency.