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Signs that it's time to change your tires


When to change tires?

How to know when it's time to change your tires?

When determining whether you require new tires, three factors must be taken into consideration:

  • Tread wear
  • Weather exposure
  • Tire age, TREAD WEAR

Who says a penny doesn’t buy you anything? A penny may buy you piece of mind when it comes to your tires and safety with this simple test. In many tread grooves all across the tire, insert a coin head first. Your treads are shallow and worn if you can always make out Lincoln's top. Your tires must be replaced if this is the case. You have more than 2/32 of an inch of tread depth left if Lincoln's head is consistently covered by the tread. Therefore, it is unlikely that you require new tires.

Why should you concern your tread wear?

Safety should be the top concern when considering tread wear. Your vehicle might perform badly in inclement weather, such as rain and snow, if your tires have worn tread. Your automobile will have more traction if the tires are in good condition. Furthermore, several governments consider having insufficient tread to be a crime. Furthermore, other components of your car may deteriorate more quickly as a result of worn treads.


 Environmental Exposure

Your tires' structural integrity may be harmed by heat and UV light exposure. In moderate climates, these shifts typically don't cause any problems.

Verify any tire damage

In addition to being risky, having a damaged tire can increase the expense of future repairs. Look for any indications of cracks or uneven wear on your tire. This can mean that your tire is about to blow out or that there's a problem with your alignment. In either case, it is a warning that it is time to get new tires.

Bulges on the tire may also be a sign that it needs to be changed. The possibility of a bulge exists when the tire is overinflated or when a manufacturing flaw manifests itself.

So, do you ultimately require a new tire?

Make sure your tires aren't so old to the point where they pose an issue, even if everything else on your set of rubber is in working order. They are not always two or three years old just because they were bought two or three years ago.

Tire Age

How old are your tires? Regardless of tread wear, tire replacement is often advised by car manufacturers at six years. Most tire manufactures advise replacing your tires every ten years. For advice on your individual tires, consult the manufacturer.


Final Remarks

Knowing when to change your tire must be done with clarity. If you still require assistance, our customer service representatives are fellow enthusiasts. If you talk to them, they'll be pleased to point you in the correct path.


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