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Hydroplaning (be careful out there)

Hydroplaning is real....

As we continue onto the cold season, keep in mind your tires take a little longer to warm up (if they ever do) and their performance will be hindered because of this.

It doesn’t matter what tire you have. Even winter tires have their limits. Rubber composite can only be engineered to a degree against conditions of road contact better than tires that aren’t coped with certain characteristics.

That German car you feel “safer” in, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Speeding as if the roads are dry in conditions that are wet will cause of an unwanted skid or traction loss. Even the slightest jerk of the wheel can cause you spinning uncontrollably.

I’m not trying to scare you, but given these factors - it would be safe to always drive relative to your conditions. Understand worse case scenarios and think twice about out speeding traffic when everyone has slowed.

Hydroplaning creates a frictionless boundary between your tires and the road. Think about that. Meaning for a split second, your friction variable is 0. #notworthit :man-shrugging:

That’s all for today’s fitment science :snow_capped_mountain: :fire:

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