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Coilovers vs. Lowering Springs

Coilovers vs. Lowering Springs

Do you want to lower your car or truck? Are you searching to get a better stance and hoping to increase performance? 

If you are looking to lower your car, there are only a few ways to do so: air suspension, coilovers, or lowering springs. 

Lowering springs, rather obviously, are just springs that provide a lower ride height and typically higher spring rates.

Coilovers replace your entire factory strut and typically have height and damping adjustments.

There is a clear difference between lowering springs and coilovers, and each system has its specific use.  So how do you know which system is right for you? It can be tough deciding between lowering springs vs coilovers, so here are some guidelines to help you choose between the two.



Coilovers perform a lot of tasks, and you'll notice these improvements on subsequent drives nearly right away. The flexibility to alter the ride height, damper settings, and rebound settings are advantages of a coilover system. Additionally, they allow you to switch between harder and softer springs and offer firmer spring rates than lowering springs. The interchangeability of coilover parts allows you to replace the dampers, springs, perches, pillow ball top mounts, and other components separately. On the other hand, cheapening out on these setups can degrade ride quality and even safety. Coilovers may result in a stiff and uncomfortable ride.

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Lowering Springs

Lowering springs increase stability, improve handling, and decrease body roll when negotiating steep turns. In addition to being a cheap solution to get rid of your car, they are also easy to install and work with the components you already have. Simply take off the outdated OEM springs and install your new setup in their place. Remember that lowering springs have predetermined spring rates and ride height. This means that you won't be able to change the rates of those springs after they are fitted, nor will you be able to raise or lower them.

Lowering Springs vs. Coilovers

  • For Street Use
  • A set of lowering springs should do the trick if you are a driver who has little interest in racing, especially if you are on a tight budget. Because you don't require the same level of accuracy and customization on the street as you do on the track, lowering springs are a fantastic, reasonably priced option. 

    Furthermore, because coilovers can lower your automobile to the ground, dangers like speed bumps and uneven pavement may force you to bottom out and harm your vehicle. Additionally, it might make ordinary chores more challenging, such as pulling into a driveway or gas station.

  • For Track Use
  • If you're the kind of driver that thrives on the rush of tearing up a racetrack, you should make sure your vehicle is prepared for every variable or circumstance. Coilovers will give you far more adjustability and be ideal for the track if you're ready to spend a little bit extra. 


    Coilovers are quite good at providing the handling and control you need to corner when you're traveling at high speeds.


  • For Ride Quality
  • Coilovers often provide drivers with a higher ride quality because they let you lower your car while maintaining the familiar handling and feel of it. Although lowering springs does not always result in a terrible ride, coilovers are the best option if you want your car to drive as smoothly as possible.

  • For Price
  • You may lower your car affordably by using lowering springs, which are a terrific deal. Although many manufacturers now send their setups pre-assembled with excellent instructions, coilovers are often more expensive and can be trickier to install. However, reducing springs will complete the task more easily, quickly, and affordably if you have a limited budget.

    The Verdict

    These are a few important things to keep in mind. Lowering your springs is a terrific technique to give your car a better stance and perhaps even better handling on a budget. However, lowering springs may worsen handling depending on the automobile and spring. Coilovers are a much better alternative because they provide you a lot of adjustability and better vehicle control.


    The variety of alternatives for changing your car's suspension can frequently be daunting. Coilovers are now a fantastic alternative to traditional shock and spring assemblies thanks to some absolutely incredible developments in suspension that have been made.

     But there isn't a one-size-fits-all remedy; it all depends on you.


    If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team – we’re a staff of enthusiasts that would be more than happy to help answer any questions you might have.

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