Pirelli: Ice Zero FR 205/55R-16 – Mountain Fire Wheels
Pirelli: Ice Zero FR 205/55R-16

Pirelli: Ice Zero FR 205/55R-16

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The Ice Zero FR is a studless winter tire designed for use on mid-sized cars, premium sedans, and SUVs, and offers drivers high-level performance and control on ice and snow.
  • Winter tread design
  • Black sidewall
  • Features a directional tread pattern to enhance grip
  • Whether you drive a mid-sized car, premium sedan, or SUV, navigating through winter weather during your commute can be a stressful experience. Fortunately, the Ice Zero FR from Pirelli was built to give drivers strong performance and control on icy and snowy roads. A built-in water escape accelerator is designed to increase snow retention and tire grip to improve handling and control on snowy roads, and the Ice Zero FR\'s 3D siping technology helps to keep the tire stable at higher speeds. Featuring an optimized footprint for better traction, braking, and grip, the Ice Zero FR is commonly used by drivers of the Volvo SC60 and XC90.
  • The directional tread pattern enhances grip on a variety of surfaces
  • High sipe density in the central bock is designed to increase snow retention and tire grip, increasing handling and control on snow
  • The 3D siping technology aims to keep the tread blocks stable even at higher speeds
  • The optimized footprint and variable tension control system promote better traction and braking, with excellent grip in challenging road conditions
  • This product features Run-Flat technology, which is designed to allow drivers to maintain better control and drive up to 50 miles under certain conditions in the event of a rapid loss of inflation pressure