Pirelli: Cinturato Winter 205/55R-16 – Mountain Fire Wheels
Pirelli: Cinturato Winter 205/55R-16

Pirelli: Cinturato Winter 205/55R-16

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A winter touring tire, the Cinturato Winter is designed for use on coupes and sedans and offers drivers excellent control in winter conditions.
  • Winter tread design
  • Black sidewall
  • Features multi-active 4D sipes for improved wet and dry braking
  • Colder temperatures often come with ice, snow, and frozen roads. While these elements can cause stress for most drivers, winter tires are meant to provide additional traction on the changing roads. Designed for use on coupes and sedans, Pirelli\'s Cinturato Winter offers drivers high level of traction in snow and severe weather conditions. The Cinturato Winter features a built-in water escape accelerator that increases control by removing water and slush, and multi-active 4D sipes that improve braking on dry and wet roads.
  • The high level mechanical traction provides excellent mobility in snow and severe weather conditions
  • The design includes water escape accelerators, that are intended to reduce hydroplaning risk and increase wet control thanks by promoting water and slush expulsion
  • The multi-active sipes promote improved dry/wet braking control thanks to block stiffness when braking and flexibility in traction for additional snow retention
  • The square footprint area and regular pressure distribution maximize dry grip for improved dry handling and dry braking control