Nokian: WR G4 205/55R-16 – Mountain Fire Wheels
Nokian: WR G4 205/55R-16

Nokian: WR G4 205/55R-16

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The WR G4 from Nokian is an all-season tire that's designed for use on coupes and sedans and offers drivers strong performance in dry, wet, and wintery weather plus a 60,000 mile limited tread life warranty.
  • All-weather tread
  • Black sidewall
  • 60,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty
  • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol means this tire is certified to perform in severe snow conditions
  • Finding a tire that performs in wet and dry weather is a must for most drivers, but finding one that also conquers ice and snow is an added bonus. Knowing this, Nokian built the WR G4 to give drivers of coupes and sedans superb year-round performance, regardless of the weather. An all-weather rubber compound allows for a long tread life, and the WR G4\'s jagged 3D sipes on the center rib create additional biting edges and allow for stable handling. Blade Grooves within the tread force rain, snow, and slush away from the WR G4\'s contact patch to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, and a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol on the tire\'s sidewall means it\'s built to perform in severe snow conditions.
  • All-weather Dual performance compound for superior handling
  • Snow Claws improve longitudinal grip on snow
  • Silent sidewall technology enhances ride comfort