Michelin: X-Ice Snow P205/55R-16 – Mountain Fire Wheels
Michelin: X-Ice Snow P205/55R-16

Michelin: X-Ice Snow P205/55R-16

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  • Winter tread design
  • Black sidewall
  • Built with a V-shaped tread design that puts all of the tire\'s contact patch on the road for better grip in ice, slush, snow, and wet weather
  • The winter months often bring lower temperatures, ice, slush, and snow with it which can make driving difficult. Fortunately, winter tires are built to combat these elements and the Michelin X-Ice Snow does that and more for drivers of coupes, sedans, CUVs, and SUVs. A V-shaped tread design puts 100% of the X-Ice Snow\'s contact patch on the road to optimize grip in ice, slush, snow, and wet weather, which allows for shorter braking distances and consistent traction. Silica within the tread of the X-Ice Snow keeps the tire flexible even at the coldest of temperatures to ensure consistent performance, while full-depth 3D sipes create a claw effect that strengthens grip on ice and snow. The X-Ice Snow is built with Michelin\'s Evergrip Technology that improves grip and durability so that drivers receive a longer tread life, meaning that drivers can expect multiple seasons of great performance out of their purchase.
  • Excellent snow braking and improved snow performance
  • Improved hydroplaning and slush performance
  • V-Shaped tread design uses 100% of the contact patch for optimal grip on wet, snow, and ice and to boost performance in slush
  • Full silica-based compound maintains flexibility in severe cold climate conditions
  • Two types of full-depth 3D sipes increase claw effect on snow and ice for long-lasting biting edges
  • Ice Snow Michelin Evergip Technologies within the tire improve grip on ice and snow for the duration of the wear life