M5 | Mirror Finish | 18x8 | 5x127 | +45mm | CB: 71.6 – Mountain Fire Wheels

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M5 | Mirror Finish | 18x8 | 5x127 | +45mm | CB: 71.6

M5 | Mirror Finish | 18x8 | 5x127 | +45mm | CB: 71.6

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Introducing the world���s first MAT (Most Advanced Technology) truck/SUV wheels! Enkei���s own MAT process has been in use for many years on racing and high performance wheels to improve driving performance. By applying same technology to truck/SUV wheels, M5 will bring revolution to truck/SUV driving experience. MAT technology will make the M5 both lighter and stronger than a traditional cast wheels and improves braking, handling, and acceleration. The M5 design represents Enkei���s signature clean and strong look. Experience the power of MAT truck wheels.

  • Sizes 17, 18, and 20?
  • Mirror Finish
  • MAT Technology
  • Spec-E Inspected