Firestone: Precision Sport 205/55R-16 – Mountain Fire Wheels
Firestone: Precision Sport 205/55R-16

Firestone: Precision Sport 205/55R-16

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The Firestone Precision Sport is a high performance all-season tire perfect for drivers who are looking to travel long distances. With its great mileage warranty, you can go where you need to go and enjoy a long treadwear with the Firestone Precision Sport. Choose between the H and V rated sizes and fit it with your mid-sized sedan or sports car. To help you have great traction and handling on slippery wet roads as well as dry roads is the tread pattern which offers responsive control. The circumferential grooves evacuate water efficiently to improve traction and prevent hydroplaning. The siping distribution ensures that the tires wear evenly so they last longer. And because the Firestone Precision Sport makes a low noise, you can enjoy peaceful long drives on the road.
  • Optimized tread pattern to improve performance on the road during challenging weather conditions like rain
  • 3D block edge shapes that increase tire stiffness to give you maximum handling needed on tricky road surfaces
  • Great mileage warranty with long treadwear thanks to its siping distribution which prevents irregular treadwear