Federal: Himalaya WS2 P205/55R-16 – Mountain Fire Wheels
Federal: Himalaya WS2 P205/55R-16

Federal: Himalaya WS2 P205/55R-16

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Designed for use on sedans, the Himalaya WS2 from Federal Tires is a studdable winter tire that offers drivers increased stability and performance on cold, icy, slippery, or wet roads.
  • Winter tread design
  • Black sidewall
  • Can be pinned with studs for additional traction
  • Ice, slush, snow, and wet weather can make driving in the winter challenging, and colder temperatures often make it harder for tires to grip the road. Designed for use in winter weather, the Himalaya WS2 from Federal Tires was built to combat these elements and can be pinned with studs to further increase traction in lower temperatures. Wide grooves within the tread remove water from the road to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, and a zigzag tread design helps the Himalaya WS2 put more rubber on the road to enhance grip. Offering drivers a quiet ride, the Himalaya WS2\'s optimized design improves steering and snow traction.
  • Wide center rib
  • Zigzag blade
  • Available in studdable and studless versions