Bridgestone: POTENZA RE-71R 205/55R-16 – Mountain Fire Wheels
Bridgestone: POTENZA RE-71R 205/55R-16

Bridgestone: POTENZA RE-71R 205/55R-16

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The Potenza RE-71R is an ultra-high-performance tire that's designed for use on sports cars and offers drivers maximum grip plus extreme performance.
  • Tread is designed for use in warmer weather
  • Black sidewall
  • Designed with stiff shoulders to help drivers when turning
  • Warmer weather often means that its time to hit the open road for most drivers, and those who typically ride in high-performance vehicles need to find a set of tires that can withstand the rigors of their vehicle\'s driving power. Built with Bridgestone\'s knowledge of racing, the Potenza RE-71R offers drivers of sports car maximum grip when braking and turning. Grooves within the tread drain water to help drivers on wet roads, and the Potenza RE-71R also features a wide center rib to improve steering response.
  • Excellent control and handling
  • Inspired by racing
  • Wet or dry traction capabilities