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Achilles: ATR-K Economist 195/45R-17

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Features & Benefits:

The Achilles ATR-K Economist is high performance tire specially developed for drivers who are looking for style, performance, and comfort. Ideal for sporty cars, the Achilles ATR-K Economist will wow drivers with its economical price. It™s why it™s a favorite choice among drivers who frequently drive all year through rain and heat. It features twin offset center ribs which deliver a smooth and responsive ride that you and your passengers can enjoy. The tire™s shoulder consists of deep grooves, multiple edges, and additional sipes which help the tire provide excellent grip. And because the Achilles ATR-K Economist has low rolling resistance, you get to enjoy better fuel economy which translates to more gas savings. Achilles is committed to providing high-tech tires that even the most meticulous drivers will enjoy riding in. Its products rival world-class tires as the company continues to innovate with state-of-the-art products using modern methods.

  • Two straight broad grooves which enhance safety when driving on wet roads and increase hydroplaning resistance
  • Twin silent ribs reduce noise generation so you can enjoy quieter rides
  • Shoulder block with multiple edges and additional sipes help enhance grip and braking