BKT: FL-351 HF-3 High Flotation Farm 48/25R-20


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Extra deep tread lugs on BKT FL-351 HF-3 High Flotation Farm tires offer the two-fold benefit of extra long tread life and increased traction in one package. When operating at low air pressures, the wider tread profile on FL-351s supports a higher load capacity than regular tires. Where they really shine is wet soil conditions, where the deep set treads and self-cleaning pattern operate with high traction while preventing the build of dirt and mud that can interfere with strong steady pull. These tires are constructed of durable material that resists punctures, cuts and chipping from normal use.
  • Wider profiles operate at low pressures for increased load capacity
  • Deep tread patterns provide traction in wet or moist soil conditions
  • Self cleaning lug pattern prevents build up of dirt or mud